always Wanted to try strongman?? This is where it begins

Strongman is heavy – it’s in the name right?

AS novice/free for all competitions will set you up on a path to strength and glory, the right way!


Novice competition

AS Novice competitions have been designed as someone’s first step into competing in Strongman. 

Appropriate weights and events have been selected to allow someone with some lifting/gym experience to compete in a safe and fun environment, without a proficient technical background.

Novice competitions are reserved for potential competitors who have either never competed, or competed no more than twice in previous competitions. Athletes that have competed, and found the weights to be easy, or have placed well, should immediately consider moving up to free for all competition. 

AS membership – AS membership is no longer required for AS novice comps, get in and get involved!

free for all competition

Free for all competition – if it’s not novice and it’s not a qualifier or nationals event, it’s free for all (you are free to compete, it’s not free $ to enter)!

In recent times, many have been caught up in trying to rank themselves as a competitor, am I beginner, intermediate, elite? Free for all competition represents what most strongman competition should be – if you can do the weights (or train to be able to do them) you compete! 

These aren’t a qualifying pathway to other competitions, you don’t accumulate points by winning multiple comps; you sign up because they look challenging, or fun, or you like the trophy and you want to win one.

AS have structured a number of free for all competitions, in most states in 2023, to give athletes of all levels a place to throw down and progress.

AS membership – either a one comp pass or a full AS membership is required to compete in any Free for All competition

2024 novice/free for all competition list (regularly updated)

Feb 17th – Strength Workshop – NSW – NOV

Feb 18th – Medley Mayhem – Iron revolution VIC – NOV/FFA

Mar 10th – Strength UNKNOWN – Power to Empower – WA – NOV/FFA

Mar 23rd – Battle in the Bay – Strong Geelong – VIC – NOV/FFA

May 25th – Log deadlift stone – Iron revolution – VIC – All lelvels 


sept 28/29th – Beasts in the southeast – beastmode cartel – VIC – NOV/FFA


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