2023/24 will see the introduction of AS Records. We are excited to bring the highest level of repeatability and standardisation to a historically messy topic, as well as the excitment back to the break of these records.

Rules and guidelines specific to each movement is included in its tab above

Standard AS records can only be attempted in AS state and title competitions.

Standard AS records must be done in competition, and not as stand alone events. Athletes attempting records must compete in the full show.

AS records will be set on the exact SAME equipment, specified in each implements category. This provides consistency across all attempts to come.

Freakshow AS records can be attempted in any competition or event, at AS discretion.

Freakshow AS records can be attempted as one-off exhibition lifts.

Athletes must be a member of AS to qualify for a record to be kept (they would need this membership to be competing anyway). No record of state or nationality is kept.

AS records must be officiated by an approved AS referee. This ensures a consistent standard is held across all attempts to come.

The following data will be kept as the record entry

Name/competition/referee/date/implement/weight or time or distance

For max attempts, the record must be set in either 3 attempt or rising bar format, using our standard competition format for either.

A record can be set as a fourth attempt, under the following conditions –

The athlete attempting the record on a fourth attempt must have already clearly won the competition with their third attempt. If both or all athletes fail the last heaviest attempt in competition, a fourth cannot be taken.

If 2 or more athletes all successfully complete their third attempt, they can all attempt a fourth in attempt to better a record. It should be noted that all fourth attempts have no bearing on the competition scoring.

There are no 5th attempts.

Only athletes that hit a successful lift on there third attempt at the winning weight can take a forth.

After a third attempt is made, there will be NO MORE than 7 minutes from when the 3rd attempt is completed and the 4th attempt is taken. This is to include any discussion between athlete and promotor, loading the specified weight or implement, hyping the attempt up and the 1 minute allowed for the attempt.

If the gap between the 3rd attempt and 4th attempt is wide (eg. 320kg wins the comp, 420kg to be attempted) there will be no additional lifts provided in between the 3rd and 4th. The athlete can either make the jump, or should have finished on a higher number for their 3rd.

Athletes should endeavour to inform the promotor and AS they are within reasonable striking distance of a record at a relevant competition early. This allows both to not only facilitate and prepare for the record, but also promote and create hype around the attempt.

A record can only be set in the division the athlete is competing in (eg. An u80 competitor can not simultaneously break an 80 and 90 record at once).

If two athletes set a new record in the same competition (eg. Both pull the same number on DL which is a new record), athletes will share the record until it is broken in the future. The athlete that completes the lift first does NOT gain sole recognition for the record.